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MKII Addressable Warning Devices

Sandwich Sounder
The Fyreye II Sandwich sounder base is a platform sounder that works with the Zeta Fyreye II protocol. The sounder can be triggered from it`s detectors remote LED output, allowing the sounders to be triggered individually. It can also be triggered using the Protocol`s common sounder group command, meaning that it can be triggered even if it`s detector has been removed.

Model Number Description PDF
MKII-SSB MKII Sandwich Sounder (No Address Required)

Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder
The Xtratone sounders are small, high output addressable devices which are designed to meet EN54 part 3.

The device is a compact unit that fits a standard European back box and can be either surface or semi-flush mounted.

The Xtratone sounder has been designed so that field cables can be terminated in the back box as a first fix.

Model Number Description PDF
MKII-AXT/R Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder, Red
MKII-AXT/W Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder, White

Raptor Addressable Weatherproof Sounder Beacon
The Raptor addressable sounder with beacon has a coverage pattern of W 2.9 – 8.5 and the sounder part has 16 tones selectable at the control panel. It has a flash rates between 0.33Hz and 1.5Hz.

It has been designed to make an “electronics free” first fix and is available in red or white.

Model Number Description PDF
ZRAPB/R Raptor Addressable Weatherproof Sounder Beacon, Red Plastic, White Flash
ZRAPB/W Raptor Addressable Weatherproof Sounder Beacon, White Plastic, White Flash

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