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Quatro Panels

The Quatro control panel is designed, manufactured and tested to fully meet the requirements of EN54 part 2 and part 4.

This panel is of a modular nature and can be supplied in 1, 2, 3, and 4 loop versions.

A specially designed Quatro Configuration software is available for configuring the panel or multi-panels and can be downloaded to the system via USB connection.

Up to 32 panels/repeaters can be networked over 10,000m of data cable and a special alarm management system can provide all needs for very large projects such as university campus, hospital complex etc.

Model Number Description PDF 
QT/1 Premier Quatro 1 Loop Fire Alarm Panel  Data sheet
QT/2 Premier Quatro 2 Loop Fire Alarm Panel
QT/3 Premier Quatro 3 Loop Fire Alarm Panel
QT/4 Premier Quatro 4 Loop Fire Alarm Panel

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