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E3 Series® Combined Fire and MNS System
The Gamewell-FCI, E3 Series® Broadband Emergency Voice Evacuation System and the E3 Series Broadband Networked Fire Alarm System can be combined on the common network to form a combination Fire and Mass Notification (MNS) System in accordance with the NFPA and UL Standard UL2572 requirements.


E3 Series® Combined Fire and MNS System Features and Benefits

  • Listed under ANSI/UL® Standard UL2572 for Mass Notification.
  • Listed under ANSI/UL Standard 864, 9th Edition..
  • IBC Seismic Certified.
  • Offers the Base Platform for the Emergency Communications System.
  • Provides true, seamless and scalable integration for Fire and Mass Notification that is configured applying the E3 Series
  • building blocks using up to 122 nodes.
  • Includes a cost-effective, supervised, “Style 7” network wiring using a single pair of wire or fiber-optics at 625K baud.
  • Contains a compact, Local Operating Console (LOC) that is designed for installation in lobbies, doorways and hallways allowing quick access to do the following:
  • Broadcast MNS announcements.
  • View the System Status messages.
  • Designed with a user-friendly, color touchscreen display that provides all Fire and MNS Events at all locations.
  • Installs a simple configuration of multiple LOCs with expandability from 16 to 64 programmable switches for status, message activation and control.
  • Uses fully supervised wiring outputs for outstanding protection.
  • Broadcasts a digital, audio, resonant sound to meet the intelligibility requirements.
  • Supports each audio node with up to 150 watts of audio power, provided by three, 50 watt amplifiers in addition to providing 50 watts of standby power.
  • Stores distributed, digital message storage at each audio amplifier location for maximum survivability.
  • Applies Advanced Boolean Logic programming to reduce equipment costs by providing software solutions to complex configurations using the following devices.
  • Timers
  • Sequencing
  • Schedulers
  • FireVac®IV Emergency Voice Evacuation System
    An automatic combination fire alarm and emergency voice evacuation system when combined with a fire alarm control panel. It’s ideal for installations requiring voice evacuation of places of assembly such as churches, cafeterias, auditoriums, etc. The power output available from the FireVac®IV is a cost effective solution to smaller voice evacuation applications such as, assisted living facilities, dormitories, motels, and hotels.


    FireVac®IV Emergency Voice Evacuation System Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with any UL Listed fire alarm control panel.
  • 50 watt power output.
  • 25 or 70.7 (optional) VRMS power-limited operation.
  • Integral message repeater.
  • Eight (8) DIP-switch selectable tones:
  • ANSI Cadence
  • Alert Tone
  • March Code
  • Hi-Lo
  • California Code
  • ANSI Whoop
  • Steady
  • Continuous Whoop
  • Optional FVIV-ZS provides four Style Y or Z (Class A or B) speaker circuits.
  • Auxiliary audio input.
  • Form “C” trouble and alarm relay outputs.
  • Remote microphone module for all-call paging.
  • Single channel operation.
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