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About us

Fire Experts Establishment was founded in 2000 for

Electromechanical works. Since its foundation in 2000 FEEE has grown into a leading local & regional supplier .We design & Install Fire
Alarm, Fire Fighting, Clean Agent and Emergency Systems & Security. Our high quality and internationally approved products,
numerous projects and first class after sales service enabled us to penetrate the local Jordanian market and
expand into neighboring countries.


Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Sprinkler Systems,
Clean agent ( Automatic System NAF S 125, NAF S 227 ) 

Manual fire fighting systems ( Fire extinguishers & hose reel
cabinets ), Voice evacuation System, 
Telephone jack system

Security alarm System, Emergency lighting,
Safety signs, Fire safety Equipment,
Hydrants and free stand pipes (wet and dry)

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