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S3 Series

The S3 Series™ offers a highly reliable, innovative fire alarm system for small to mid-size buildings. Scalable to grow with your building, the S3 can start with a basic one-loop standalone panel to a network of 122 panels with integrated voice. With touch-screen technology for an intuitive approach to fire alarm control and programming, the S3 Series is easy to use, simple to install, budget friendly and most importantly, protects the building and its occupants with the best in advanced technology.

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S3 Series Features and Benefits

  • Up to 2 SLC Loops that support either System Sensor or Apollo devices in Class A or Class B (Style 4, 6 or 7) Supports up to 318 intelligent System Sensor devices per SLC loop (159 detectors/159 modules) (Expandable to 636 maximum per panel)
  • Supports up to 126 intelligent Apollo (126 detectors/126 modules) (Expandable to 252 maximum per panel)
  • Includes a high resolution (4.3”) (10.92 cm) color touchscreen display.
  • Supports a network system of up to 122 nodes (includes E3 Series® panels) or up to 64 nodes(includes 7100 Series)
  • 5 Custom function buttons for simple system control
  • Automatic NAC electronic end-of-line resistor sensing
  • Built-in Ethernet port for programming, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • Includes four Class B or two Class A built-in Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC)
  • 7 amp power supply
  • S3 Series Accessories

  • Velociti™ Sensors
  • Velociti™ Modules
  • XP95 Sensors
  • XP95 Modules
  • E3 Series Broadband
  • ILI-MB-E3: Intelligent Loop Interface-Main Board
  • ILI95-MB-E3: Intelligent Loop Interface-Main Board
  • ILI-S-E3: Intelligent Loop Interface-Expansion Board
  • ILI95-S-E3: Intelligent Loop Interface-Expansion Board
  • ANX-MR-FO: Addressable Node Expander-Multi-Ring Fiber Optic
  • ANX-MR-UTP: Addressable Node Expander-Multi-Ring Twisted-pair
  • LCD-E3: LCD Keypad Display
  • LCD-SLP: Color Touch screen display with five programmable switches
  • NGA: Network Graphic Annunciator
  • RPT-E3-UTP: Network repeater card (Twisted pair) Fiber connections require an FML-E3 or an FSL-E3 card.
  • FML-E3: Multi-mode fiber-optic card (Use with RPT-E3-UTP)
  • FSL-E3: Single-mode fiber-optic card (Use with RPT-E3-UTP)
  • DACT-E3: Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
  • PM-9: Power Supply Module
  • PM-9G: Power Supply Module
  • RAN-7100: Remote LCD Display
  • ANU-48: ANU-48 LED Driver Module
  • ASM-16: Addressable Switch Module
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