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Hose reels

Inspected on a monthly and yearly basis, fire hose reels must be manufactured to comply with national standards and safety regulations. Fire hose reels are intended to give easy access through the fire hose from water supply in order to stamp out fires. Fire hose reels typically come in three main types: grounding, booster and large diameter, all of which feature an increase hose capacity than typical hose reels.

Generally made from canvas or other synthetic materials, fire hoses come in multiple types as well, including booster hoses or collapsible hoses, also known as flat hoses. Fire hoses are intended for use when fire extinguishers fail.

Typical applications that require fire hoses include fire fighting and fire rescue operations in hotels, school buildings, shopping malls, houses, warehouses, hospitals and office buildings. Industries that benefit from fire houses include construction, industrial, commercial, retail, residential, agriculture, automotive, military and conservation.

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